Inaugural recipients announced for the Velimir Jurdjevic Graduate Scholarship & Daisy S and John Joseph McCann Family Legacy Fund

July 8, 2024 by Department of Mathematics

The Department has been able to endow two new fellowships for graduate students. These fellowships are based on donations and they are matched, dollar for dollar by the Provost. 

The “Velimir Jurdjevic Graduate Scholarship” is based on a donation from Prof. Emeritus Velimir Jurdjevic, and the “Daisy S and John Joseph McCann Family Legacy Fund”  is based on contributions from Prof. Robert McCann and others.

We are pleased to announce that the recipients of these two inaugural scholarships are:  

  • Sabrina Lin: Daisy S and John Joseph McCann Family Legacy Fund
  • Alice Rolf:  Velimir Jurdjevic Graduate Scholarship

Sabrina Lin is a Master of Science candidate in Mathematics at the University of Toronto, and she will be pursuing her PhD here starting next school year. She received her HBSc with specialization in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Toronto in 2023. During her undergraduate study, she was awarded with Beatrice Evelyn Rogers Scholarship (2023), the Ivan Szak Scholarships in Mathematics and Physics (2022), the William R. Hossack Memorial Scholarship in Mathematics or in Mathematics and Physics, and the William Mulock Prize (2021) for her academic performance.  

Sabrina is interested in Mathematical Physics problems related to General Relativity. Under the supervision of Professor Miriam Diamond, she studied Dark Matter and developed analysis notebooks for the SuperCDMS (Super Cryogenic Dark Matter Search) experiment. Her ongoing research project explores properties of the synthetic null energy condition. 

Alice Rolf is a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto under the supervision of Alexander Kupers. Her main area of research is Algebraic Topology, more specifically she is working on understanding mapping spaces of the little disk operad. In addition to her research activities she is organizing Women in Math events.