Wireless Networking

The wireless networking in the Department of Mathematics (currently the sixth floor of Bahen is covered) is part of the University's UTORcwn network. If you have your UTORid (a University-supplied username/password that is not available from the department) then there is information about how to connect to this network, and specific information about how to configure MacOS and Windows machines for this wireless network.

You can get a temporary UTORids for your guests/visitors. A short-term (5 days) Guest UTORid can be requested online (note that the username will start with two "q" letters as in "question" i.e. "qq"). A longer term Guest UTORid requires more work.

Please note: once you obtain your (short-term or longer term) Guest UTORid credentials you must verify them (by clicking on the word verify before this parenthetical remark) before you can connect. You can then connect to the U of T network.

You can get the current status of your wireless connection to UTORcwn, and if you have problems configuring your wireless networking you can call the University help desk at 416 978-HELP (416 978-4357).

Problems with the University networking usually last for a short amount of time.