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Canadian Mathematical Society

The Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) was originally conceived in June 1945 as the Canadian Mathematical Congress. The founding members hoped that "this congress [would] be the beginning of important mathematical development in Canada". The focus of the CMS is very much on the future - a future in which we will more aggressively reach out to and form new partnerships with the users of mathematics in business, governments and universities, educators in the school and college systems as well as other mathematical associations; and in doing so, share experiences, work on collaborative projects and generally enhance the perception and strengthen the profile of mathematics in Canada.


Fields Institute

Fields Institute

Founded in 1992, the Fields Institute was initially located at the University of Waterloo. Since 1995, it has occupied a building designed and constructed for Institute activities on the campus of the University of Toronto. Our mission is to enhance mathematical activity in Canada by bringing together mathematicians from Canada and abroad, and by promoting contact and collaboration between professional mathematicians and the increasing numbers of users of mathematics. Thus the Institute supports research in pure and applied mathematics, statistics and computer science, as well as collaboration between mathematicians and those applying mathematics in areas such as engineering, the physical and biological sciences, medicine, economics and finance, telecommunications and information systems. The Fields Institute environment is designed to support and enhance all of these activities. Office space is provided for as many as 66 visitors; a supportive staff enables program participants to devote most of their energies to research; and full access to the excellent mathematics collection at the University of Toronto is provided.

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When it comes to safeguarding what matters most, you want to get it right. Whether you’re looking for insurance for yourself, family member, or simply want to supplement your existing coverage – Manulife is here to help. Open to University of Toronto alumni, faculty, librarians, and staff.


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Squarepoint Foundation 

Founded in 2021, Squarepoint Foundation is focused on helping communities around the world. Currently, it supports local populations by partnering with charities, advancing research and education in STEM, and helping in times of crisis by contributing to relief efforts for events that affect the world as they arise.



TD Insurance

TD Insurance is the leading direct response insurance group in Canada†, offering quality insurance products for over 70 years. Plus, the TD Insurance Meloche Monnex program helps support alumni and student activities. Open to U of T alumni, students, faculty, librarians and staff.

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Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council - Wikipedia


The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada funds visionaries, explorers and innovators who are searching for the scientific and technical breakthroughs that will benefit our country. We are Canada’s largest supporter of discovery and innovation. We work with universities, colleges, businesses and not-for-profits to remove barriers, develop opportunities and attract new expertise to make Canada’s research community thrive. We give Canadian scientists and engineers the means to go further because we believe in research without borders and beyond frontiers.