Tentative Course Listings: 2024-25

Exam Schedule 

Core Courses Fall Final Exam Schedule:

Partial Differential Equations I - MAT1060HF - TBA
Differential Topology - MAT1300HF -TBA
Algebra I - MAT1100HF - TBA
Mathematical Probability I - MAT1600HF - TBA
Real Analysis I - MAT1000HF - TBA

Core Courses Winter Final Exam Schedule:


Course List Legend

  • F = a half-year course in the first term (September – December)
  • S = a half-year course in the second term (January – April)
  • M = Monday
  • T = Tuesday
  • W = Wednesday
  • TH = Thursday
  • F = Friday

Key to building codes:

AB--Astronomy and Astrophysics, 50 St. George Street
AH--Muzzo Family Alumni Hall, 121 St. Joseph Street
AP--Anthropology Building, 19 Ursula Franklin Street
BA--Bahen Centre, 40 St. George Street
FI--Fields Institute, 222 College Street
GB--Galbraith Building, 35 St. George Street
HA--Haultain Building, 170 College Street (rear of)
HS--Health Sciences Building, 155 College Street
HU--215 Huron Street, 10th Floor 
KP--Koffler House, 569 Spadina Avenue
MP--McLennan Physical Laboratories, 255 Huron Street
MS--Medical Sciences Building, 1 King's College Circle
MY--Myhal Centre, 55 St. George Street
SS--Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St. George Street
SU--Student Commons, 230 College Street
UC--University College, 15 King's College Circle
WB--Wallberg Building, 184-200 College Street
WY--Sheraton Hall, Wycliffe College, 5 Hoskin Avenue


2024–25 Course Listings

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All S courses start: TBA

Classes end in S courses and in Y courses (for Winter term): TBA

Core Courses 

Course Title (click for description) Session Section / Time Location Instructor
Real Analysis I F M 10-12; W 10-11 TBA K. Zhang
Real Analysis II S W 2-3; F 12-2 TBA F. Tong
Complex Analysis S T 12-2; TH 12-1 TBA E. Bierstone
MAT1060HF Partial Differential Equations I  F M/W/F 9-10 BA 6183 I. Uriarte-Tuero
MAT1061HS Partial Differential Equations II S W/F 10-11:30 BA 6183 T. Collins
MAT1100HF Algebra I F T/TH 11:30-1 BA 6183 F. Herzig
MAT1101HS Algebra II S T/TH 10-11:30 BA 6183 D. Litt
MAT1300HF Differential Topology F TH/F 10-11:30 BA 6183 M. Gualtieri
MAT1301HS Algebraic Topology S M 1-2; T 2:30-4:30 BA 6183 D. Bar-Natan
MAT1600HF Mathematical Probability I F W 12-1; F 12-2 BA 6183 B. Landon
MAT1601HS Mathematical Probability II S M 11-1; W 12-1 BA 6183 G. Tiozzo
MAT1850HS Linear Algebra and Optimization S W 1-2; TH 1-3 BA 6183 M. Pugh


Cross-Listed Courses 

Course Title (click for description) Session Section / Time Location Instructor
Introduction to Linear Operators F M/W/F 2-3 TBA G. Elliott
Algebraic Number Theory F M 1-3; W 1-2 TBA H. Kim
The Discrete Mathematics Toolkit: Expanders and pseudorandom graphs F M 10-12 TBA S. Kopparty
Riemannian Geometry F T 1-3; TH 1-2 TBA F. Manin
Set Theory F M 10-12; W 10-11 TBA N. Rozenblyum
Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information Theory F W 5-6; F 3-5 TBA M. Sigal
Topics in Operator Algebras: K-Theory and C*-Algebras S M/W/F 2-3 TBA G. Elliott
Algebraic Curves S M 1-3; W 1-2 TBA S. Kudla
Representation Theory S T 3-4; TH 3-5 TBA D. Litt
Combinatorial Methods S W 10-1 TBA S. Kopparty
Differential Topology S T 3-4; TH 3-5 TBA E. Meinrenken
Advanced Topics in Graph Theory - The Probabilistic Method S TH 12-2 TBA M. Molloy
Asymptotic and Perturbation Methods F W 12-2; F 12-1 TBA V. Ivrii
Techniques of Applied Mathematics S M 11-12; W 11-1 TBA C. Sulem
General Relativity S T 1-3; TH 2-3 TBA R. McCann
Mathematical Finance S M 11-2 TBA L. Seco
Topics in Combinatorics: Algebraic Gems in Theoretical Computer Science and Discrete Mathematics S T 1-3 TBA S. Saraf


Topics Courses 

Course Title (click for description) Session Section / Time Location Instructor
MAT1062HF Topics in PDE I:  Introduction to Nonlinear Evolution equations F M 2-4; T 2-3 TBA F. Pusateri
MAT1103HF Topics in Algebra I: Introduction to Algebraic D-modules F T 10-1 TBA A. Braverman
MAT1128HF Topics in Probability: Gaussian random measures F T 9-11; TH 9-10 TBA B. Virag
MAT1191HF Topics in Algebraic Geometry: Toric Geometry and Newton Polyhedra  F W 10-12; F 10-11 TBA A. Khovanskii
MAT1210HF Topics in Number Theory: Class Field Theory F T 2-4; W 3-4 TBA I. Varma
MAT1304HF Topics in Combinatorics: Extremal combinatorics F M/W/F 12-1 TBA L. Gishboliner
MAT1305HF Topics in Geometric Topology: Geometry, Arithmetic, and Dynamics of Discrete  F T 1-2; TH 12-2 TBA N. Bogachev
MAT1344HF Symplectic Geometry: Introduction to Symplectic Geometry F T/TH 3:30-5 TBA E.  Meinrenken
MAT1347HF Topics in Symplectic Geometry and Topology: Morse homology, Floer homology, and Fukaya categories  F M/T/F 1-2 TBA E. Murphy
MAT1351HF Topics in Homotopy Theory: Rational homotopy theory with geometric applications F T/TH 10-11:30 TBA F. Manin
MAT1497HF Professional Development F TBA TBA TBA
MAT1510HF Deep Learning: Theory & Data Science F M/T/W 5-6 TBA V. Papyan
MAT1845HF Dynamical Systems: Introduction to ergodic theory F T 3-4; TH 2-4 TBA W. Pan
MAT1855HF Mathematical Problems in Economics F T/TH 4-5:30 TBA R. McCann
MAT1045HS Topics in Ergodic Theory: Randomness in Groups S T/TH 4-5:30 TBA K. Rafi
MAT1126HS Lie Groups and Hamiltonian PDEs S M 11-12; W 10-12 TBA B. Khesin
MAT1192HS Advanced Topics in Algebraic Geometry: p-adic Motives S M 4-5; TH 4-6 TBA E. Elmanto
MAT1210HS Topics in Algebraic Geometry: Shimura curves, geometry and arithmetic S M 10-11; W 4-6 TBA S. Kudla
MAT1314HS Introduction to Noncommutative Geometry S M/W/F 3-4 TBA G. Elliott
MAT1347HS Topics in Symplectic Geometry and Topology: Microlocal sheaf theory and symplectic topology S T 2-3; TH 12-2 TBA N. Rozenblyum
MAT1435HS Topics in Set Theory: Forcing and its Applications S T 4-6; TH 5-6 TBA S. Todorcevic
MAT1497HS Professional Development S TBA TBA TBA
MAT1525HS Topics in Inverse Problems and Image Analysis: Variational Methods in Imaging and Generative Neural Networks S T/TH 10-11:30 TBA A. Nachman
MAT1800HF Methods of Applied Mathematics F M 4:30-6; TH 12:30-2 TBA K. Serkh
MAT1845HS Dynamical Systems: Topics in arithmetic dynamics S T 3-4; TH 2-4 TBA M. Mavraki