Admissions Information

Undergraduate applications to all programs at the University of Toronto are done through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre. Please do not contact the Department for undergraduate admission application forms. 

For inquiries about admissions into the undergraduate program in mathematics, please visit the U of T Future Students website or contact the Enrolment Services Department to speak with an advisor: 

Enrolment Services 

172 St. George Street 
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 0A3

Important Application Dates 

Official U of T Admissions Application Process

Transfer Students 

UTM or UTSC undergraduate students, who are studying Mathematics and would like to transfer to the St. George Campus, should review the Faculty of Arts & Science Internal Transfer Requirements and PDF iconCourse Equivalents document to understand and plan which courses can and cannot be applied to their degree.

Students can check if their course has already been evaluated at U of T via Transfer Explorer.

Preparing for University-Level Mathematics

Visit the Entry Level Math Preparation website, created for incoming first-year students to help review material before taking courses like MAT133Y1 MAT135H1 & MAT136H1, MAT137Y1, and MAT223H1.

Entrance Scholarships 

U of T also offers entrance awards on the basis of criteria. Please visit the Admissions Awards website to learn more.