Program Information

Course Streams

Contest Courses – Contest courses are designed to cover contest questions and problem solving strategies that students may come across when writing contests. Instruction will focus on the fundamentals of problem solving in fun and age-appropriate ways, as well as honing their skills in quickly assessing how to solve a problem by recognizing its type. This helps to start to build the habits of mind needed for problem solving

Enrichment Courses – Enrichment courses are designed for students who are comfortable in math concepts at their grade level and are looking for greater challenges and new ways to stimulate their interest in math. For those already familiar with our past “Enriching Minds” clubs and camps, these courses will be in a similar vein, adapted for the online experience

Summer Math Camp - Students will come to the University of Toronto – St George campus to embark on a 1 week day camp experience. Throughout the week, students will explore various mathematical topics in a fun, interactive, and hands-on way. The focus will be on encouraging and stimulating the students’ interest in learning mathematics.

Coding Courses – Coding courses focus on exploring the strong and beautiful relationship between math, algorithms, and coding. Building on math knowledge, like geometry, solving math puzzles, and learning key programming concepts, students code together to solve challenges and mini projects.

March Break Project-Based Camps – This program is designed to keep students engaged in learning math and explore math in real-life scenarios. Campers will spend 1.5 hours in the morning learning fun math concepts and regroup for another 1.5 hours in the afternoon working on the hands-on aspect by creating projects.

Program Fees and Financial Support

  • Online Grades 1-8 Contest club and Enrichment Courses: $240

  • Online Grades 9-12 Contest club and Enrichment Courses: $255 + tax

  • In-Person Grades 1-8 Contest club and Enrichment Courses: $275

We have adjusted our bursary process in order to maintain accessibility for families financially impacted by lay-offs and reduced hours. If you are unable to pay the full program because you have been financially affected by the COVID-19 situation or are otherwise low-income, please apply for a bursary. Further information and an application form can be found here.

Refund Policy

There is a $50 administrative fee for cancellation requests. Cancellations made 48 hours before the first class will receive a full refund minus the administrative fee. Requests for refunds after the deadline will not be processed. Refunds will not be issued for absences or missed days or due to removal of a student from the program. [Updated on February 25 2022]

Technical Requirements [Online Courses]

Classes will be taught live on Zoom, and materials will be organized on Google Classroom. Both platforms are free, and students will receive an invitation link a week prior to the course start date.

  • Access to a device with video and microphone to allow for two-way communication with the instructor and other participants during the scheduled class time.

  • For Google Classroom and Google Meets: a Gmail address to use to log into Google Classroom. This does not need to be the same one the parent used to enroll as these two systems are not interconnected in any way.

  • Access to a printer is helpful, but not necessary. Instructors have been asked to keep in mind that not everyone has one. In the limited cases in which an activity absolutely requires a printer, teachers will provide an alternative activity that does not require one.

  • Paper and pencil