Professional Experience Opportunities

Arts & Science Internship Program (ASIP)

Arts & Science Internship Program (ASIP)

Launched in Fall 2021, the new Arts & Science Internship Program (ASIP) combines 12 to 20 months of paid work experience with specialized professional development training.

Eligible students can apply to ASIP to gain practical work experience, learn valuable career skills and build their professional networks, with support from a dedicated internship team. 

Engineering Summer Internship Program (ESIP)

Engineering Summer Internship Program
222 College Street, Suite 106
Telephone: 416-946-3730

The Engineering Summer Internship Program (eSIP) is a paid summer co-op program offered through the Engineering Career Centre. It is available to eligible engineering students in year two or three of study, including engineering international students. eSIP is more akin to a traditional co-op placement, where students work for four months and thus serves as an introductory career development program for participants. Through formalized and interactive workshops and individual counseling appointments, students are introduced to concepts and tools to prepare them for the workplace. The majority of applicants are in their year two of study, for which eSIP holds particular value in preparing students to be competitive for future opportunities, such as the intensive model of the PEY internship.

Engineering Career Centre

Engineering Career Centre
222 College Street, Suite 106, Toronto, ON
Telephone: 416-978-3881

The Engineering Career Centre (ECC) has been connecting students with employers for the past 33 years. We take great pride in our students and their abilities, which is why we work with each one to support their development into emerging professionals at every stage of their education - through workshops, counselling, and coaching. ECC offers unique career development programs to introduce the country's best and most innovative students to industries. These internship programs are beneficial to all parties involved. For employers, it means having eager and highly capable individuals on their team and is also an excellent way to access prospective employees. For students, these programs provide invaluable professional experience along with an opportunity to chart their career path. In the last five years, more than 700 employers from over 24 countries have hired our students.

International Experience

International research experiences are available through the Woodsworth College Summer Abroad.

Co-Curricular Record (CCR)

The CCR program is available for all degree-seeking students (undergraduate and graduate included) across the three campuses. The Co-Curricular Record is designed to help students find opportunities at U of T beyond the classroom and to have their skills and experiences captured on an official document.