Creating a Webpage

How to Request a Webpage

In order for members of the department to obtain web space on the Math Department's WWW server you must first send an email to the system administrators ( A WWW account will be opened for you and a directory called www-data will be created inside your coxeter home directory. You will be sent an email informing you of this plus the following instructions:

Webpage Instructions

You can run "cd ~/www-data" on coxeter to get to the directory containing your web pages. If you "publish your web pages" (that is, create the pages on a different machine and transfer them to coxeter) then you need to publish them to into that directory.

If you edit your web pages on coxeter remember that you usually have to run "chmod -R a+rX ~/www-data" or the more mnemonic "openmywebfiles" to open up all the files in your web directory for general access. 

WARNING: If you have course webpages and you keep confidential items like exam tex files and course mark excel files in the relevant course subdirectory, these files will become READABLE. Please be careful! Also if you use htaccess files to control access to your webpages then those files will become readable as well. The default on coxeter is to not give others access to your files. You can open individual files and directories for access with "chmod a+rX filename", for example.

Webpage Location

Your webpage is at:<your_login_name>/

where the string "<your_login_name>" is replaced with your coxeter login name.

If you are updating your web pages remember that you usually need to use the "Reload" or "Refresh" button in your browser to see the changes or else you will get the old cached version of the pages which makes it look like the changes have not taken effect.

Note that if you use "htaccess" files then you need to run "chmod o-rwx .htusers" on all your .htusers files if you ever open
up all you files (you can ignore this if you don't use such files).

Getting Help

There is a sample "index.html" in your "www-data" directory.

Please send your web requests to You should now be able to put files and directories inside the www-data directory which will be available via the web (just make sure that the permissions are correctly set, as explained above).

For a guide on how to start making your own web pages please refer to this Introduction to HTML.

PHP is also enabled, although we cannot provide support for any PHP scripting. Please refer to the PHP webpage for reference.