Workshops and Opportunities for Your Students

Fields Trip Program - Math Workshops 

We are excited to be offering the Fields Trip program both online and in-person this year! When you request for a workshop, please specify which format you would like to attend.


Attention teachers! You can bring your class to the Department of Mathematics for a half-day program on the University of Toronto Campus or join virtually. This program is offered at no cost. At this time, we do not offer off-campus school visits.

The lessons provided give students a chance to explore math concepts not typically covered in the standard curriculum. Students will see how these concepts connect to the real world and to the research going on in our department by some of the world's top math researchers. They will also get to experience a class at Canada's largest university. Whenever possible, classes are held at the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematics, a wonderfully math-rich environment.

Lesson Topics

We currently offer programs for students in Grades 3 - 12 and can accommodate groups of up to 40 students during the school year (October to June). Our topics are listed below.

  • Grade 3/4: Platonic Solids, Algebra Adventures, Tessellations
  • Grade 5/6: Egyptian Math, Fractals, Prime Numbers
  • Grade 7/8: Algebra & Constant Rates, Cryptography, Financial Literacy
  • Grade 9: Fractals, Continued Fractions, Equation of Lines
  • Grade 10: Circular Arguments, Complex Numbers, Fractals, History of Numbers
  • Grade 11/12: Complex Numbers, Fractals, Grouparama, Cryptography

Request a Visit

Please complete the form below to request for a virtual visit. We will not be able to accomodate all requests submitted. Our team will reach out as soon as we can to confirm your workshop.

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The Fields Trip program is generously supported by the Fields Institute.

Count Me In

This program is not offered in 2023. 

In-School Program

Count Me In is an educational program designed to address the commonly held misconception that one cannot excel at mathematics because they are "not a math person". This program aims to foster enthusiasm for math in elementary schools in areas across the GTA that are facing economic and social barriers preventing individuals from obtaining good educational outcomes.

This program features 4 weeks of pre-recorded math lessons that draw on topics outside of the Ontario Math Curriculum. The videos are 20 - 30 minutes long and provide students a chance to explore enriching math concepts with University of Toronto educators in the Mathematics Department. The videos are accompanied by an interactive worksheet that allows students to follow along and apply the skills that they have learned in each video. The video will be uploaded at the beginning of each week and will build on from the previous week’s topic. The program is free of cost. Please use the link below to sign up!

Summer Teacher's Conference

The Department of Mathematics at the University of Toronto is excited to bring back our one day Count Me In Conference for Math Educators in Ontario! In collaboration with the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) and sponsored by NSERC, we are offering a free professional online development workshops for K - 12 teachers.

Since 2018, the conference has brought together educators from all grade levels to listen, learn, and collaborate on the topic of math education. The Count Me In conference aims to foster enthusiasm for math teaching and increase comfort by supporting educators in implementing effective instructional strategies and ideas informed by research.

This program is currently not being offered for 2023/24.