Kumar Murty named to the new Class of Fellows of the AMS

November 3, 2021 by Feilds Institue

The Fields Institute is proud to announce that the American Mathematical Society has named V. Kumar Murty as one of its 2022 Class of Fellows of the AMS. Now in its tenth year, the Fellows are selected annually by the mathematical society to honour outstanding contributions to the creation, exposition, advancement, communication, and utilization of mathematics.

Prof. Murty was cited for his “contributions to number theory, including the theory of L-functions associated to modular forms, and arithmetic geometry, and for service to the profession.” He joins 44 other mathematical scientists from around the world singled out for this distinction. A full list of this year’s recipients can be found here.

"It is an honor to welcome a new class of AMS Fellows and to congratulate them for their notable contributions to mathematics and to the profession," said AMS President Ruth Charney. "We extend our thanks to the nominators and members of the selection committee for their help in highlighting the outstanding achievements of their colleagues. Congratulations 2022 Fellows!"

In addition to serving as Director of the Fields Institute, a post he has held since 2019, Prof. Murty is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Toronto, where his research focuses on Analytic Number Theory, Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry, Information Security, and Mathematical Modelling. 

Since joining Fields, Prof. Murty has brought his expansive vision to the Institute through numerous initiatives, including the Mathematical Modelling of COVID-19 Task Force and the newly formed Mathematics for Public Health (MfPH) network, which have both played a role in helping inform provincial government policy during the pandemic, while organizing numerous town halls and seminars that have brought leading epidemiologists and math modellers to the public for interactive Q&A sessions.

He has also expanded the Institute’s educational outreach through Fields Academy, a series of training programs meant to provide shared graduate courses on advanced mathematical topics as well as courses designed to help students of mathematics gets positions in Industry.

“I am very thankful to the American Mathematical Society for this recognition, and to the University of Toronto and the Fields Institute for an excellent and highly stimulating mathematical environment,” Prof. Murty said.