Jemima Merisca has been awarded the 2024 Dean’s Outstanding Administrative Service Award

May 2, 2024 by Wajiha Rasul

Jemima Merisca, Graduate Administrator, has been awarded the 2024 Dean’s Outstanding Administrative Service Award. The award is given to an administrative staff member who has earned the respect of their administrative colleagues and whose outstanding contributions to administrative service have made a positive impact on teaching, research, or general administration.

Jemima’s journey began with the Department of Mathematics in 2004 when she joined as a Departmental Secretary, later advancing to the position of Department Office & Graduate Program Assistant. She progressed to the Graduate Administrator role in 2013. Jemima, reflecting on her role, shares:

The best part of my job is to help students throughout their academic journey, an inspiration I drew from my predecessor, the late Ida Bulat.

She finds immense satisfaction in guiding students and supporting them through their challenges and triumphs. Her commitment to student success is not only a testament to her dedication but also a driving force behind her exemplary service.

Beyond her professional commitments, Jemima finds joy in pursuits such as gardening, music, and her faith. She dedicates her free time to volunteering at the church, embodying her belief in service and community engagement.

In nomination letters from the Mathematics community, Jemima was praised for being an important resource for faculty, and for providing practical and compassionate solutions to graduate students’ problems. To quote some of them:

Jemima is also an important resource for faculty members in our work with graduate students, always available to offer either practical assistance or, when needed, advice on more delicate aspects of graduate mentorship, such as working with students going through some of the troubles mentioned above. I personally have benefitted tremendously, more than once, from Jemima’s calm wisdom.

However, what distinguishes Jemima is her genuine and heartfelt connection with the graduate students. She goes well above and beyond her official duties by not only knowing each student by name but also being familiar with their academic records, life stories, and personal challenges. This level of personalized understanding enables her to suggest practical and compassionate solutions to problems, ensuring that resolutions are not just effective but also considerate of the individuals involved.

We take immense pride in having Jemima as part of our team. Her contributions not only enrich our department but also serve as a shining example of excellence for us all to emulate.