James Munday has been awarded a Lachlan Gilchrist Fellowship Fund

March 4, 2024 by Department of Mathematics

Through this year's SGS University-Wide Awards competition, our doctoral student, James Munday, has been selected to receive a Lachlan Gilchrist Fellowship Fund on the basis of academic merit.
Congratulations, James!
Bio: James Munday earned a combined honours degree in mathematics and physics from Dalhousie University. Following this, he completed his master’s at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, as part of the 2022-23 Perimeter Scholars International program. He is now a first year PhD student in our program and a resident PhD student at the Perimeter Institute, supervised by Kevin Costello. His research interests lie at the intersection of math and physics, in the mathematical formulations of quantum field theory and its connections with algebraic geometry and representation theory.