Hamiltonian Systems: Closed problems session

When and Where

Tuesday, March 28, 2023 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm


Boris Khesin (U of T) and Sergei Tabachnikov (PennState University)


In 1991 in the paper “A Mathematical Trivium” V. Arnold formulated a list of 100 problems which, in his opinion, any graduate with a Math Bachelor degree should be able to solve. This talk is the opposite of an “Open problems session”, as all the problems to be discussed do have solutions, hence its title. Those Arnold problems are very diverse in subject and in difficulty: few of them are standard exercises that every mathematician should do once in a lifetime, some would be easy to those who have mastered a particular subject, and some are ingeniously constructed, akin to sophisticated chess problems. Regardless, all of them are fundamental and beautiful, and we will try to comment on and give hints to a number of them. This is a joint talk of Boris Khesin and Sergei Tabachnikov.

The talk will be via Zoom.

Passcode: 448487

Background Material is available here.